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Currently a MSc in Software development student @ Blekinge Institue of Technology. Let us take a trip to show you what I'm about :)


I am Ahmad!

Currently I am studying for a master's degree at the Blekinge institute of technology (Which is very pretty! look above 😊). I am an ambitious person who seeks self-improvement constantly. In my free time I enjoy playing games with friends. Coding and working with software is my passion, I love working with software whenever I can. Why don't you checkout some of the projects I've worked on? 😀

Some of my best qualities are:

  • Always willing to learn
  • Flexible
  • Team player


A simple API request library to the lol-esports api. Made for personal use
Available on PyPI. Not affiliated with lolesports.com or riot games.



A wordle inspired game where the objective is to guess the correct player of the day.
Joint project with a friend :)


xMadKing.dev V1

The first version of this website written in mostly HTML, CSS and a little bit of Javascript. Very basic.


xMadKing.dev V2

This very page! A Portfolio website made using Svelte, DaisyUI, Tailwindcss and a few libraries.
The repository is still private, however it will be made public in the future.



A discord bot written in Rust. The bot allows you to view the standings of certain pro
leagues and informations about players. Currently private.

Programming Skills
Python logo
Python programming language
Good knowledge of Python. Used the language in a great amount of projects and other assignments. Attended a course covering the language.
cplusplus logo
C++/C programming languages
Good knowledge of C/C++. Used the language in a great amount of projects and other assignments. Attended a course covering the language.
Have also worked with many of the associated libraries such as CUDA, Multi-threaded/Multi-process programming.
mysql logo
SQL & MySQL - Database management systems
Good knowledge of DBMS and more specifically SQL (and MySQL). Attended a course in DBMS and have good knowledge of SQL.
html5 logo
HTML - Webdevelopment language
Mostly self taught but still a good understanding of the HTML and CSS basics.
typescript logo
Typescript & Javascript - Programming languages
Still a work in progress, have a ok understanding for most of the basics.
rust logo
Rust - Programming language
Still a work in progress, have a decent understanding for most of the basics.
Misc Skills
Swedish driver's license class B
Python logo
Multilingual: Fluent in English, Swedish and Arabic.

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